Divine Quest

From time to time across and along my life the Tarot has been a source of useful interest and direction. I tend to use the Tarot as a way of, not only divining but as a questing tool …. there have been some remarkable result. Examples of dreams that were later things to pursue.

The Parallel Rooms

I was in a hotel with Lenni, I think it was in the US. I had to go to our room for some reason. When I entered the room I found some presents on the floor, I did not open them and left at this point. Shortly afterwards I returned to the room, the presents were not there. I felt confused. I walked out of the room and walked up and down the corridor to see if I had made a mistake about which room was mine. I walked back into the room, it had presents. I walked out of the room….this time I only saw two doors. They were next to each other and were identical.  I walked in both, each was identical apart from one room had a “bathroom/chamber”. The other didn’t. I then became obsessed in looking at the doors…after some time I realised that the two rooms were one, one with gifts one without depending on how/when it was entered. Double entrances/double rooms. The shape of the doors reminded me of buildings….Egyptian/Babylonian/Mayan temples.

So is there somewhere with a double identical building chamber that holds gifts for us. One barren, one resplendent, protected by absence revealed by…..? Also, something about light…metaphysical or other….light can conceal information, darkness can reveal information

Treasures Revealed

I remember a big mansion house, lots of grand staircases and rooms. The ceilings were extremely high painted in a medieval style patterned pinks and reds with a buttress structure like a tythe barn.

There were great black and white storks flying gracefully back and forth. This happened only on the occasion when I looked others could not see them.

I was watching some trees being cut down on a ridge outside one of the grand windows. Lenni was upset about this. I tried to explain it was necessary but felt bad all the same.

I had allowed two small groups to excavate on the “site”. One group had found a book outside. It was bound and clad in some dull silver metal. The design on the covering was tooled. It was designed in quarters. Each quarters displayed a design of magical symbols/sigils. Each quarters symbols were from a different culture, three quarters were from Egypt, Celtic and Sumerian the fourth quarter displayed symbols from somewhere I did not know…they appeared “Alien” other worldly. The book was very old.

The excavators were surprised at me knowledge. I did not open the book but I knew that I “understood” it.

As I walked away from the group I knew that their finding it was okay and safe….Thinking about this I walked inside. Something caught my eye. Jutting out of the corner of some broken floor boards was the corner of a metal clad book…I knew this was the “one”. From this point onwards I knew that this place was a place that “cloaked” other artefacts….

Shortly after this I went to Cyprus and saw some metal/gold clad bibles in the icon museum in Nicosia….Beautiful designs in quarters but embellished with images of the seraphim.

As an aside……actually, there is a salt lake near Larnaca on Cyprus must be an after effect of the “Flood”…also Noah’s grandson Kitin had something to do with ancient Cyprus you know?

Angel Wars

I was standing on a high ridge with I think two others looking down at a scene below We were tall wearing dark velvety cloaks/garments. They were patterned with dark colours that could only be seen up close…from a distance they appeared very dark. The colours emanated from some finds of hidden “things” inside the cloth, they looked like jewels that moved independently.

We were observing a great “launch” of beings. …1000’s. The beings were below, bronze and glowing as one. They moved along a jetty that protruded out from a cliff face, something military about this. The jetty was made of some polished marble like stone. The jetty was in the shape of an arrow. The jetty came out of a cave mouth in the wall of the cliff. This was also very high up….I think that far below there was water/sea lots of it.

The beings were angels, they moved as one emerging from the cave mouth in the shape of a great bird…the head was a little dragon like.

Then it launched itself! I did not expect what happened next. The launch manifested itself as a complete fragmentation of the 1000’s of angels. They burst forth like shards of light and notes/harmonies of a beautiful crescendo of sound at the same time. The sound and light was one and the same.

My presence her was because I had some duty to perform…not sure what that was. Even though I was watching as some type of official I knew that I could not show any emotion about the “launch” it was very powerful.

Meetings with God

We were moving house/buildings. It was a very large building, lots of people were involved moving furniture (big items in pieces); lots of slips and containers. People were placing planks of wood on and in between the furniture pieces in the skips and containers…lots of noise and activity. After some time I grew bored of this and wandered the long empty corridors. These corridors reminded me of school corridors.

Anyway, some time later someone calm, a middle aged woman (reminded me of my friend Jackie Lawrence) showed me into a room. It was a small white room. Something odd happened at this point – because I was aware that I was having this experience of this room twice, like in one of those split screen 70’s French films. One experience was real, one fake. In the real experience I saw a head suspended/floating in front of one of the blank walls. It “shone” it was beautiful, opalescent light emanated from it without obscuring any detail. It was a weathered face, “warts ‘n’ all”, it was God.

I was stunned by this and the realisation that it was god. I slid down the wall in amazement…the woman was there too. I beckoned her over to me, I felt I needed explanation, but she remained by the door smiling with “knowingness”. The head/face was animated and smiling…he was talking to me…lots of words and expressions…I couldn’t hear any sound….the meaning was….it’s okay”

I was stunned for a couple of days after this, very withdrawn.

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